Stamford, CT. Report pets that are loose, off leash, biting anyone and other dogs. Report any possible animal punishment or maltreatment

Stamford, CT. Report pets that are loose, off leash, biting anyone and other dogs. Report any possible animal punishment or maltreatment

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Program for an Absentee Vote.

A listing of accepted recycling items.

Access to the ADA ailment type.

Report issues of air quality that could be leading to prospective medical problems.

Information on how to register their alarm system on the internet.

Report pets which are free, off leash, biting folk or any other animals. Report any prospective pet punishment or maltreatment.

Report any inhumane killing of creatures both untamed and residential.

Document a blighted house or building

An online application for a Zoning book modification.

View open tasks within the City of Stamford and obtain solutions for open work. For additional information on available town employment, regular tasks, and marketing possibilities, look at the recruiting office website.

See open opportunities thereby applying to serve on Stamford panels and profits.

Document problems for Apron of driveway. The Apron may be the basic four foot of a driveway from edge of the metropolis street.

Order a seashore license on the web, by mail or perhaps in person to park at certainly Stamford’s many shores.

Document concerns of bed pests at private or commercial properties.

All about estimates & request proposals sees, such as recent RFPs/RFQs and Bid potential.

An on-line type that enables one need a delivery Certificate.

Area becoming negatively influenced by buildings/property which have dropped into despair.

File an official complaint with the Board of Ethics.

Look at the panel of staff appointment routine

Find out if you might be vulnerable to getting booted or towed.

Document links and overpass structural questions.

See financial seasons costs, including current 12 months working and funds budgets.

Access holders Certification type, a staff members’ settlement plans Affidavit, Certificate of responsibility insurance rates, and Non-Owners Affidavit.

Sign up for an allow for almost any design, interior restoration, replacing, electrical perform, plumbing efforts, hvac operate, demolishing or strengthening. View the instructions for acquiring a building license for unmarried family residential homes.

Document suspected building without a license.

Access to: software For a particular show, program For Showmobile (Cellular phone phase), software For Solicitors allow, software For Street seller license, movies Permit, Parking Meter leasing Application, license to Vend licenses in Parks (One-Day), and home On road Handicapped Vehicle Parking room software.

Report any concerns relating to catch basins.

Air of clean air Asthma regimen was a nationwide organization of state and town Health Officials most useful training award-winning no-cost regimen made to instruct groups and to lower subjection to asthma triggers in your home.

Upgraded informative data on Christmas forest choose schedules and principles.

The Stamford Police Department need issues against employees in writing, verbal, directly, by email, by phone, by facsimile, electric, or private. In a position to register in English and Spanish

Report any questions with a park strengthening.

Request sports industry bulbs be restored.

Demand area repair works to include cleaning, paint, or yard upkeep.

Document dock or ship slip issues.

Document overgrown plant life or importance of maintenance of City median/island.

Advise united states of any concerns about your area areas. Tell us exactly how we can improve!

Using the internet use of a Civil Union find more information official certification type.

Be sure to lodge a state with town clerk. Email Phone (203) 977-4054

Be sure to file a claim with town clerk. Mail cellphone (203) 977-4054

Publish driving feedback with regards to use of a city car by area workers.

These needs is allotted to the Police area Captains in an attempt to help owners with issues concerning her forums.

Truly Mayor Martin’s individual consideration that Citizen issues or complaints end up being read and taken care of. Your concerns or issues towards acts of a member of staff or methods of urban area divisions we can evaluate both the companies practices and also the effectiveness of your staff.

Be sure to inform us concerning your experiences! Mayor Martin standards urban area workforce just who seek to offer and succeed!

Report any concerns of air-borne pollutants or contamination flowing into catch basins.

Here is how and where you’ll get a Covid test in Stamford

Here is how for a Covid vaccine in Stamford.

Report damage to curbs in domestic segments on town possessed roadways.

Document issues in daycare business might create a concern or menace into the health insurance and benefit of customers.

An internet kind that enables you to definitely inquire a demise certification.

Document dirt removing stacks which were not picked up throughout established City-wide grab. Particles that doesn’t healthy the variables established by the City are not picked up. A citation officer can be provided for the location.

Info on late real estate, individual residential property and car taxes.

Internal demand means that directs neighborhood policing questions towards the allocated chief.

Accessibility your dog licenses type along with informative data on the procedure of licensing a new dog.

Listings of park regulations and future puppy activities from the Courtland method puppy playground.

Report a City signal that is knocked down.

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