Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D)


The journey to the drugs (medicines) which we utilize nowadays can be traced back to time immemorial. It took centuries till the drugs evolved into the current form. As do the drugs have gone through evolution, same is the case with the experts of the drugs. Currently, these experts of drugs are known as ‘Pharmacists’. A pharmacist is a professional who has obtained the formal educational degree in Pharmacy (i.e., Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D)) and is registered in Category A in respective provincial pharmacy councils of Pakistan. Pharmacy is both an art and science that is concerned with the preparation and dispensing of the medicaments, and the provision of drug related information to the public. Pharmacists perform extended roles compared to as ever before. The Pharmacists – as drug experts – provide their services in Hospital Pharmacy, Community pharmacy (Medical Drug stores); in clinical pharmacy (directly intervene in the drug related clinical needs of the patients); in industrial pharmacy (manufacturing of drugs); in pharmaceutical marketing; in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and research.

The Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy) is a first professional degree in Pharmacy consisting of a five years duration Pharmacy degree course being offered in a Pharmacy Institution approved by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan. Pharm.D program started in 2003 in Pakistan and we, at Obaid Noor Institute of Medical Sciences (ONIMS) feel honored and privileged that with the foundation of the institute in 2021, we are offering Pharm.D degree program at our state of the art institute. The department of Pharmacy at the ONIMS enrolled its 1st batch of Pharm.D students after the approval of Pharmacy Council of Pakistan and in affiliation with University of Sargodha in January, 2022. ONIMS is the pioneer institute that is offering Pharm.D with the objective to cater the Pharmaceutical Healthcare needs of the community of Mianwali and surrounding underdeveloped areas. The institute boasts in its purposely built beautiful landmark structure with spacious-modern lecture halls and state of the art labs fully equipped with the updated and modern instruments and equipment. The highly experienced, skilled and foreign qualified faculty is providing cutting edge pharmacy education to the youth.

Scope of Pharmacy

The professional realm of Pharmacy is undeniable. The drugs as magic bullets have helped us to combat the infections much better than ever before; leading to reduced mortality rates due to epidemics. Our life spans have been extended and the people with life threatening diseases such as cancer or HIV do not experience extreme shortages of life years. Consequently, pharmacy is a lifesaving profession. After doing a professional pharmacy degree (Pharm.D), young graduates have many bright career opportunities such as hospital pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, community pharmacists, drug inspectors, drug court members, district & provincial quality board members, drug testing laboratories members, pharmaceutical marketing and sales managers, industrial pharmacists, and pharmaceutical regulatory affairs experts. Even there are many handsome opportunities in the academia and research. A huge lot of qualified Pharmacists assumes the role of Pharmacy educators and also are involved in Pharmaceutical and multidisciplinary research. This makes Pharmacy as an interesting, highly pursuing and lifesaving profession.


Our objective is to equip our graduates with professional knowledge and skills in all aspects of drugs, beginning with their origin, chemistry, pharmacology, production, quality assurance and their safe usage along with the provision of adequate information and counselling in par with the national and international standards to serve our community, our country and the world.


The duration required to complete this degree is 5 year.


We follow annual system of education


60% Marks in F. Sc (Pre-Medical) or equivalent