Its a typical scenario: you wish to add or change a DRAM module inside computers.

Its a typical scenario: you wish to add or change a DRAM module inside computers.

However have another component. Can you blend and complement DRAM with various years, speeds, latency, current, or producers?

Inside blog site, well check out what will happen in all these circumstances, along with best practices to make sure that your pc memory space is the best fit for the program.


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Before we jump into what goes on as soon as you mix different sorts of memory, lets take a look at just what differentiates one DRAM module from another.

Generation: This is the form of the DRAM chip. Each generation of DRAM represents an improvement in rate, latency, and current.

Performance: This identifies how quickly your pc can save and retrieve information from the memory module. As a whole, faster DRAM is way better.

Latency: Also known as timings, latency is the range time clock series to accomplish a read/write chore for your systems CPU. The low the latency of the DRAM module, the less time it takes to complete these jobs.

Voltage: This is basically the energy eaten of the DRAM module.

Brand: The manufacturer and/or assembler of the memory, like essential.

Various Years of DRAM

Lets state you have got earlier DDR3 RAM in your body. Is it possible to install a DDR4 module alongside your DDR3 to obtain best results?

No. do not get it done. Dont also take to. You simply cannot blend different generations of DRAM.

In fact, you cant put in a separate generation of DRAM in your body anyway. This is because your own motherboard was created to plan one generation of memory space. Indeed, each generation of DRAM has a different sort of keeping pins to make sure you cant unintentionally download an inappropriate component in a computer.

The verdict? No. Never Ever. Difficult.

Increase, Latency, & Current

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What the results are when you put in DRAM modules of various rates?

Even though you can officially combine rates, there’s one important thing to remember: their DRAM would all operate within performance in the slowest component. Assuming you have got a DDR3 1333MHz program and download a moment module at 1600MHz, they will both operated at the 1333MHz speed.

The exact same thing occurs with modules having different latencies. The machine is going to run on the basis of the module making use of slowest timings. One more thing to bear in mind is really what speed the motherboard are designed for. When your motherboard are only able to manage a 1333MHz component, subsequently a 1600MHz component would operated at 1333MHz.

How about DRAM segments with some other voltages? Your guessed they: sugar daddy dating both segments would manage within larger voltage.

Assuming you may have a 1.5v module in a single slot and a double voltage (1.35v/1.5v) design when you look at the additional, your system will run at 1.5v. In the event that you wanted your DRAM modules to perform at 1.35v, every one of them would have to end up being 1.35v plus motherboard would have to support the reduced current.

The verdict? Feasible, however will eventually lose the key benefits of the greater number of efficient component. Whenever you can be able to replace all modules with efficient, lower-latency modules, you’ll get the number one advantages. If you find yourself attempting to spend less, you will get the greatest value by purchasing an added module with similar performance and latency.

If you’re skilled at overclocking, it’s possible to change the BIOS along with other settings to modify the abilities of mixed-speed modules. However it can result in volatile information.


We have established you positively cant combine generations of DRAM. And its not optimum to combine segments with various speeds, latency, or voltage.

What about blending labels of DRAM?

In theory, if additional characteristics (generation, performance, latency, voltage) are exactly the same, there must be no concern using DRAM from two different designs. While some elderly DDR3 methods need matched up units of storage.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many storage brand names do not manufacture their own DRAM; they just assemble the segments. There are just a few real mind makers, you will in the end feel picking DRAM from those means.

Small variations within the assembly procedure, and undoubtedly the distinctions in creation one of the companies, might impact the abilities of segments. Even though it is extremely unlikely, there’s always the potential for the modules not working together and evoking the azure monitor of dying for your system.

The decision? Proceed at your own risk and seek advice from the manufacturers paperwork.

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