Chief Executive Message

Dear Students

No word can express my feelings while writing these lines for my very brilliant students and honorable faculty of Obaid Noor Institute of Medical Sciences. Being part of you is a great honor and privilege indeed, I am simply humbled and grateful to Almighty!

The existence of Obaid Noor Institute of Medical Sciences brought the pleasant ever news for the people of the region It imparted a key change in the panoramic view of the city by its central location, elegant structure and science beauty. But, as distinguished scholars of the institution, you are the real essence of the great change. Highest hopes are linked to you by your parents as well as society. Being in the stages of infancy this institution needs to be nurtured, by your unending efforts and tireless hard work, to become a strong grown up. As ambassadors, you have to make its identity most respectful and distinguished in this country and rest of the world. We strongly believe in your potential to be far ahead of these challenges. Let the alma mater be proud of you when you go out as its alumni.

May Allah bless our efforts in character building, respect and love for each other. All these qualities are the hallmark of our institution.

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